Unexpected behavior when using TimePlot constructor

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Sat Apr 06, 2019 9:30 pm

In the Sinewave example in an Arduino Uno, if I enable channels and specify the output stream as:

TimePlot MyPlot("Waveforms", Serial);

I find that the remaining setup commands


// Set the plotting parameters. "Sinewave" = series name, Plot::Blue = line colour
// 2 = line width, Plot::Square = marker style
MyPlot.SetSeriesProperties("Sinewave", Plot::Blue, Plot::Solid, 2, Plot::Square);
MyPlot.SetSeriesProperties("Cosinewave", Plot::Red, Plot::Solid, 2, Plot::Square);

have no effect.

Is this a bug or a feature or simply operator error?
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Sun Apr 07, 2019 8:12 am

Seems to work fine for me. Maybe you have accidentally selected no channels.
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Make sure either of the highlighted bits in the picture are highlighted otherwise I dont think it will work.

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Mon Jun 17, 2019 8:42 pm

I see this problem as well. The advice about selecting highlighted values doesn't seem to do anything.

Not sure if this is related but when I attempt to look at Series Properties, it asks me to select a series. Not sure what it expects me to do. The graph is showing up ok, it just ignores any values I set for shape and color in the arduino code if they aren't the default.

Is there a list of known bugs somewhere? I am evaluating this software and I need to know what is possible.
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Wed Jun 19, 2019 5:26 am

Hi Ceremona, did you have any luck with this?
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Wed Jun 19, 2019 5:43 am

I tested this myself and it seemed to work fine. The important thing to realise is that the message is only sent once when the system boots. You can also get it to send it with each SendData call. See below for example.
MyPlot.SendData(F("Sinewave"), dY, Plot::Yellow, Plot::Solid, 2, Plot::Square);

Try this and see if it works.

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