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Thu May 27, 2021 8:29 am

My title and labels are not showing in my XY plot. The XY plot is working fine. Does anyone has a solution?


// MegunoLink grafiek en tabel aanmaken
XYPlot VCgrafiek("SpringRate",SerialUSB); // creeer VeerConstante grafiek, sturen naar SerialUSB (serial monitor)

void setup()
lcd.begin(); //Industrino LCD scherm
Serial.begin(115200); //Industrino base board, baudrate volgens spec Bosche loadcell ADC DBB-11, RS485 communicatie
Serial1.begin(115200); //nextion scherm
SerialUSB.begin(115200); //Industrino top board, Serial Monitor of Arduino IDE

// RS485 communicatie met de ADC versterker van de loadcell DBB-11
pinMode(TxEnablePin, OUTPUT);
digitalWrite(TxEnablePin, LOW); // for receiving RS485 loadcell DBB-11

// In- en uitgangen instellen
Indio.setADCResolution(14); // Set the ADC resolution. Choices are 12bit@240SPS, 14bit@60SPS, 16bit@15SPS and 18bit@3.75SPS.
Indio.analogReadMode(1, V10); // Set Analog-In CH1 to 10V mode (0-10V). Uitlezen waarde LPM, de afgelegde afstand
Indio.digitalMode(1, OUTPUT); //tbv de LED lampjes van de schakelaars
pinMode(4, INPUT_PULLUP); // indrukken van de tarra knop signaleren, PIN 4 van het topboard instellen

// MegunoLink Grafiek instellen
VCgrafiek.SetTitle ("SpringRate");
VCgrafiek.SetXlabel("Displacement (mm)");
VCgrafiek.SetYlabel("Springrate (kg/mm)");
VCgrafiek.SetSeriesProperties("Springrate", Plot::Magenta, Plot::Solid, 2, Plot::NoMarker);


void loop()
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Mon Jun 07, 2021 12:47 am

Hi, did you have any luck getting this going? When I run your code (using the standard serial port since I don't have the same hardware as you) it works fine. Make sure you are definitely using the XYPlot and not the Time Plot visualiser.
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