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Wed Jul 08, 2015 10:12 am


Is MegunoLink still in active development? How often are new releases / updates sent out (typically) ??

Do you think it would be possible to get some gauges, buttons and LED's implemented in the near future? (Particularly Radial Gauges) I am considering using MegunoLink for a hobbyist "Industrial" application and would really like to build a dashboard / front-panel interface with MegunoLink.

Also, is there any third-party development / plug-ins available for MegunoLink ?


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Thu Jul 23, 2015 10:39 pm

Hi John, yep we are still actively working on MegunoLink. Currently we are in a phase of bug fixing and making the software more robust. Paul (the main developer) has also been working on some of the behind the scenes protocol stuff to make everything work more smoothly. I'll have a chat with Paul about the radial gauges, these sound like a useful addition. As for the LED's etc, I'll put them on the list but for now there are already options using things like tickboxes, picture boxes etc.

Currently there is no third-party capability or plug-ins.

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