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I need help with a simple user interface code on MegunoLink Pro that can be used to build an user interfaces that send serial commands to Arduino. I have a school project in which I am controlling the height of water in an u tube manometer with a fan. I need to be able to have a user interface on MegunoLink Pro which lets me change the height and speed of the fan on an Arduino. I already have a Timeplot coded to my Arduino but my I need a user interface that will allow me to create inputs into the Arduino that will change the height of the water in the manometer and a sensor in the u tube will send a feedback loop to the fan that will determine the speed of the motor. I am lost on beginning to build the user interface with MegunoLink and Arduino. The goal is the control the water level in a U-Tube Manometer to a specified height by the instructor.
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Hi, I recommend you check out this page and our Blink 2.0 demo program. ... o-program/

It demonstrates setting some values using MegunoLinks interface panel.

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