Pothole data smoothing and detection of accelerometer data

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I wanted to start a separate thread concentrating on smoothing filtering and detecting bumps and potholes with an Arduino and my Accelerometer. I'm using an Analog Accelerometer set to 50HZ bandwidth sampling at 100HZ. I'm plotting data with MegunoLink (GREAT tool BTW). My delemma is that the accelerometer readings are noisy as hell, especially in a car with the engine running and road noise. What would be the best way to filter out the noise? I'm sampling at 100HZ I'm not sure how to implement at filter that wont affect the sampling rate... Also, I'm not sure if 100HZ is enough to sample at, it seems to catch the bump events pretty well though (graphs posted).

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Hi John, I don't see the graphs. Have you tried some of the filtering options here
https://www.megunolink.com/articles/3-m ... surements/

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