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Fri Mar 27, 2020 11:14 am

Hallo Martin, hello Team.

I ordered the commercial version after testing a day and I think this is a really good tool.

For me as an electrical drive technology engineer and embedded programmer of motor control systems I miss a important feature, which I think seems simple to add in your tool.

What about of showing Vectors in the XY-Plot. I send 4 points instead of 2 in the XY-Plot function with the both points, beginning with the x,y values of the arrow-having point followed by the x,y values of the end point. and you will recognize this and show an colored vector from end-point to arrow-point in the XY- Plot field with all the properties like color, linestyle i.e.

Vector dynamic changes in running Motors or electrical alternating current sytems are an extremely important feature to visualize processes.

May be I did not study all the features in the program until now and there is a possibility to do that also now so please answer and let me how it works.
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