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I am fairly new to MegunoLink, I am wondering on how to store incoming values in MegunoLink. My project is about fuel consumption meter (gravimetric method) and I am creating a user interface for it. The idea is very simple when I click a button I want to store the value (weight in my project) appearing in a textbox. I already did the onClick command of the button, is that command already considered as storing of values? How do I retrieve that value and use it later to compute fuel consumption? Also, is there a built-in timer in MegunoLink that I can incorporate in my program?

I also attached a temp&humidity sensor and it's working fine so no problem with it. Just the one above.

Here are the materials I am using:

Arduino Uno
Load cell connected to a digital display (serial communication)
Temp and Humidity Sensor (i2c communication)

Thank you.
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Fri Feb 26, 2021 5:55 am

Hi, there isnt strictly a way to store values. The best way is probably to store it on the arduino using the eeprom. We have an example on this ... promstore/

Then when megunolink starts you could grab the values from the micro if you wanted to read or update them.

Yep we have a timer ... nel/timer/

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