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Fri Jan 21, 2022 12:13 am

Hi there,

In my scenario, I'm using an XY chart to display some frequency response data. I look for peaks and valleys and then provide those values back to my microcontroller to go do... stuff. I'd really love if I could send a command to my Arduino that included the X and/or Y coordinates of a mouse click on my XY chart.
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For instance, I'd love to configure the above chart with a command for

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OnMouseDownSend = !SetFrequency [ccScatterPlotter.MouseX] \r\n
Right now, I have to mouseover the value, type the number into a text box, and hit a button. Reducing that to a single click would be a big win for me!

Thanks for your consideration. My MegunoLINK application has been an absolutely critical and wonderful tool for my prototyping work!

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