Issue of Record Table and File to Log

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Wed May 24, 2023 2:54 am

Dear Technical Manager of Megunolink!

Now, I use Megunolink for my project of long-term test data monitoring and file logging.

I have one question to use Record Table and file to log simultaneously.

The log data size per every testing is 1K byte.

When the data on the Record Table reach to 400 ~ 500 KByte, the file to log visualizer can not save the raw data. Only the file name is made in the folder, but the file size is 0 Kbyte.

But, when I do not use Record Table, there is no problem saving the data file using the file to log visualizer.

I want to know the memory relationship between the Record Table and the File to Log visualizer.

My Windows OS is Windows 10 Pro. and the version is 22H2.

Also, I want to know that related this problem to the Windows OS version.

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