Plot stutters and CPU usage rises after several hours

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Mon Nov 20, 2023 3:18 am

I'm sending about 200 messages per second to a plot and interface panel via MQTT. The plot is using the "general MQTT client" and the panel is using the "MQTT device network".
At program startup it works fine. The plot is smooth and CPU usage is about 10% on a 3GHz I5 processor.

After several hours the plot freezes every few seconds and then updates a bunch of points and then jumps forward to the current time. Also the CPU usage climbs to about 30% continuously. While the plot problem is occurring the dynamic labels on the interface panel continues to update normally.

As far as I can tell the plot is showing all the data, however the freeze and jump behavior of the plot makes it unusable.

Restarting MegunoLink temporarily fixes the problem for a few hours.
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