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Sat Dec 16, 2023 9:24 pm

During my work to implement and debug the file transfer mechanism in my project, I figured out a method to support long filenames from the microcontroller side.

In the function GetFileName within SDFatFileManager.h, I changed the definition of a local char array to be larger:

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   virtual const char* GetFilename(SdfmFile hFile) override 
      //static char achFilenameBuffer[13];
      static char achFilenameBuffer[m_maxFilenameLength];   // edited CDS 14-12-23
      hFile.getName(achFilenameBuffer, sizeof(achFilenameBuffer));
      return achFilenameBuffer;
Where m_maxFilenameLength is defined in the header file as:

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 static const int m_maxFilenameLength = 100;
Note that this only enables long filenames from the microcontroller side to the PC, but it does work nicely.
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