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Arduino Integration

Posted: Sun Mar 13, 2022 6:23 am
by shanimal_nz
Hi there

I might be doing something wrong but doesn't matter what version of the IDE i install the install button is greyed out on the set up Arduino Integration page?

anyone else have this problem?

Re: Arduino Integration

Posted: Sun Mar 13, 2022 12:06 pm
by shanimal_nz
So I worked it out...

This issue is my virus protection deleted avdudewapper.exe

that raises a completely different question tho why does it detect as a virus?

Re: Arduino Integration

Posted: Tue Mar 15, 2022 6:46 am
by philr
Hi, this is fairly typical of niche products like this and is a false detection. Antivirus tools rely on building up history over time and whitelisting which is always a challenge with so many antivirus tools. All I can say is to use your best judgement. If you downloaded our software from our website directly then there should be no virus.

If you are worried you do not need to use the wrapper. This just provides convenient serial port functions.